5 Leading Chatbot Use Cases Explained with Real-life Examples


enterprise chatbot use cases

With the ITSM chatbot providing the flexibility to work inside your familiar communication channels, you can ensure your help desk is available everywhere. The chatbot integrations with Slack, Teams, or Widget enable this flexibility. You can shift the additional cost of maintaining on-prem infrastructure off your balance sheet. On top of it, the ITSM chatbot deflects service tickets with automation, thereby reducing the costs of ticket handling and agent utilization.

enterprise chatbot use cases

As ChatGPT is trained on vast and unpredictable data from the internet, there is a risk of biased and harmful language in the final product. Ethical development and deployment of AI models are becoming increasingly important as AI technology evolves. Responsible AI practices must be prioritized to reduce the risks of harmful content and maximize the potential of generative AI to create a better world. However, it’s important to note that ChatGPT’s performance in classification without examples can be affected by the quality and diversity of the data it has been trained on.

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Introducing live chat allowed CBS to reach new donors and saw excellent feedback from customers. Within months of launching live chat, CBS had 60 agents handling 7000 chats per month, with an excellent CSAT score of 4.5 out of 5. While the benefits of live chat were clear, CBS saw that their support operations could be made more efficient with the introduction of a well-designed chatbot.


No matter which apps you use for your business process, Workativ provides a pre-built chatbot for almost every app. To serve business needs and move through the current ITSM challenges, ITSM chatbots can help you take better control of your service desk management and drive success. Chatbots offer a number of compelling benefits to both employees and customers. For instance, the chatbot may provide the user with a question, such as, “What can I help you with today?

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Let’s take a look at the top 7 benefits of chatbots, and have a better understanding of how they can contribute to your business. This is another category of chatbots that feature the same chatbots examples as in Type 5. Once trained by the user, they can carry out a rather large number of tasks and provide a delightful ‘hands-free’ experience to the user. Siri and Google Assistant are the most prominent chatbots examples of voice-enabled chatbots. Social Messaging Chatbots, as the name suggests, are found in social messaging applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, etc. These bots are extensively programmed and ‘trained’ to stimulate near-human conversations with users.

  • Providing your SaaS product customers with self-service support means that you’re enabling them to comp…
  • They can be programmed in different ways with scaled complexity based on need.
  • Sentiment analysis is important here because when customers are worried or upset, it’s best to get them to a real person as quickly as possible.
  • There are several methods to go about your enterprise chatbot development.
  • Automation chatbot platform that automates SMS text messaging, chatbot for Instagram, Webchat, and chatbots in Facebook Messaging to get more leads, generate more sales, and improve the customer experience.
  • So, make sure the review collection is frictionless and doesn’t include too much effort from the shoppers’ side.

Also, the person can remember more details to discuss during their appointment with the use of notes and blood sugar reading. Let’s say you run a business with online courses for a variety of professions. Someone interested in painting classes visits your website but can’t find the course that would suit their needs. In fact, about 77% of shoppers see brands that ask for and accept feedback more favorably. E-commerce, fashion, and the beauty industry are where product recommendations are much needed.

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After a person reports their symptoms, chatbots check them against a database of diseases for an appropriate course of action. Zalando uses its chatbots to provide instant order tracking straight after the customer makes a purchase. And the UPS chatbot retrieves the delivery information for the client via Facebook Messenger chat, Skype, Google Assistant, or Alexa. Your business can reach a wider audience, segment your visitors, and persuade consumers to shop with you through suggested products and sales advertisements. Chatbots can also track interests to provide proper notification based on the individual.

  • The chatbot can also book an appointment for the patient straight from the chat.
  • In fact, it can become better and allow leaders to get closer to mastering the balance between high-quality service and efficiency.
  • For this, you have to establish clear KPIs which can be tracked to gauge the success of your chatbot.
  • In the consumer world, customers can use chatbots to order pizzas, pay bills and talk to customer support.
  • You can tweak and customize the bot to improve customer satisfaction and map to new business trends, initiatives, and customer feedback.
  • Also, with the help of AWS DeepLens a field team member can directly communicate with an offsite expert when stuck, as well as run machine learning models to allow the chatbot to master the process.

Any challenges they face during repairs could be directly addressed to the chatbots, and correct answers received. Also, with the help of AWS DeepLens a field team member can directly communicate with an offsite expert when stuck, as well as run machine learning models to allow the chatbot to master the process. Chatbots handle basic customer inquiries and provide support, freeing customer service representatives to handle more complex issues. Chatbots can also provide personalized product recommendations and order-tracking assistance. ITSM chatbots to make users more independent in resolving queries independently. Although the enterprise tools have the self-service capability, they work alone rather than in your communication channels.

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The bot performs banking activities, such as checking balance, funds transfers, and bill payments. It can also provide information about spending trends and credit scores for a full account analysis view. Bots can also help customers keep their finances under control metadialog.com and give clients quick financial health checks. Chatbots can communicate with the customer and give the most relevant advice based on the individual’s situation and financial history. They can even provide credit scores, set budgets, and help to manage them.

enterprise chatbot use cases

The product we are offering is not just another common chatbot you can find elsewhere. If you are in a need of your own bot, this will rapidly solve your business problem. Chatbots provide users with an easy way to look data up or generate reports and facilitate better decision making for both your customers and employees. A chatbot is essentially a computer program that enables conversation with an end user via auditory and textual methods.

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In education, chatbots can be used to create personal learning experiences, as a tutor would. And, in healthcare, chatbots and applications can provide simple language descriptions of medical information and treatment recommendations. Another use for ChatGPT and GPT-3 is to improve existing customer service chatbots so they offer more detailed and human-like responses. Oracle Digital Assistant is an AI-powered chatbot platform that enables businesses to create intelligent chatbots and voice assistants for their customers. The ability to understand and interpret human language, including context and intent. In the Enterprise AI chatbot platform, NLP processes user input, recognizing intent, extracting relevant items, generating responses, and managing conversation flow.

  • Giving exceptional customer service experiences consistently is hard, but not impossible.
  • Similarly, you can repeat this process and come up with several such flows and exceptions that can cause hindrance to bot for achieving its target.
  • Instead, by integrating NLP and Large Language Models (LLM), these chatbots can expand to recognize wide variations in prompts and requests and still deliver the right answers at the right time.
  • This is one of the ways to pull them right into the conversation and make sure they interact further to get to know your offerings better.
  • Additionally, Zendesk’s Flow Builder can be used to create conversational experiences with your brand’s tone and voice, adding a bit of flavor to otherwise bland conversations.
  • In such an environment, the idea of a chatbot-guided purchase experience has enormous potential.

It can also suggest the best code structure and organization practices to help prevent bugs. ChatGPT helps reduce the number of lines of code by identifying redundant or unnecessary code and suggesting ways to remove it. ChatGPT uses a neural network architecture for classification tasks. This architecture consists of multiple layers of interconnected nodes, each performing a set of mathematical operations on the input data. The output of each layer is then passed on to the next layer until the final layer produces the output label. During the prediction phase, ChatGPT takes in new, unlabeled input data and uses the patterns it learned during the training phase to predict the corresponding output label.

Conversational AI in Action: Top Chatbot Use Cases for Customer Service

Using a chatbot not only saves time but also eliminates repetitions, that may be caused by human error. The chatbot also helps you and your team get rid of repetitive tickets and automates the whole answering process. This way, you can increase your customer support team’s productivity.

How generative AI & ChatGPT will change business – McKinsey

How generative AI & ChatGPT will change business.

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You can generate a high level of engagement by using images, GIFs, and videos. Also, Accenture research shows that digital users prefer messaging platforms with a text and voice-based interface. You probably want to offer customer service for your clients constantly, but that takes a lot of personnel and resources. Chatbots can help you provide 24/7 customer service for your shoppers hassle-free.

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To top it all, this is the only bot we know that helps a customer book a Uber ride to Makers’ House to see the brand’s exhibition. Erica’s capabilities have recently been expanded to help clients make smarter financial decisions by providing them with personalized and proactive insights. With the rise of emerging technologies like AI and wearable technology, chatbots are opening up new avenues for businesses to engage with their audiences.

enterprise chatbot use cases

ChatGPT could help customers during the onboarding phase by providing answers to common questions without requiring the intervention of a human agent. Providing such a level of automation in the onboarding process helps retain more customers and ensure product adoption, because ChatGPT is intervening before it is too late. That’s why it is essential to understand your chatbot use case as well before getting it onboard. To help you get started, we’ve listed the six types of chatbots that one can come across in the market.

enterprise chatbot use cases

Chatbots aren’t meant to resolve every issue, so it’s crucial to include an option to reach a live agent. However, task-specific bots require comprehensive training and deeper natural language processing, so companies will need to have more resources and a bigger budget. Multi Utility Assistant or MUSA is an AI-powered virtual assistant (a chatbot) integrated with Fingent Hub – Fingent’s internal employee management system.

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SEC can’t find Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, asks court for ‘alternative service’.

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As a retail bank, you and your team are likely used to fielding simple questions. But at the same time, many of your customers are coming to you in times of great vulnerability. The cost of living is on the rise and consumers are tracking their finances with more detail than ever. This is one of the biggest mistakes that companies make when deploying chatbots. Yes, chatbots can’t be expected to do everything—nor do we believe they should. They have a very unique skill set, but the goal isn’t to have bots replace humans.